We are certified by InterNACHI. Regarded worldwide as the leading association for home inspectors, ‘InterNACHI’ is the seal you look out for when hiring services for your home inspection.

We employ Engineers with a vast portfolio of experience and who comply with the International and predominant standard of construction and engineering practices in Bali. 

Our ‘Home Inspections’ are detailed, on-site technical reports for your property specifically aimed at identifying current and potential defects. By utilising the latest technological inspection tools on the market, we are able to provide a comprehensive technical assessment of the property’s condition, ensuring you receive the most accurate, technical guidance related to the overall condition of the property.

Once you have full clarity on the technical condition of the property, you can if needed, use this to negotiate a better deal or request the adjustment or rectification of identified issues before commencement to ‘sign-off’ or ‘purchase completion’.

Certified by InterNACHI

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Including the Air Conditioning system, the water heater, ventilation ducts, and electrical connections, to identify potential issues in cooling & heating performance and air / water flow

Plumbing Systems

Including the supply lines, traps, waste lines, faucets, and other elements to identify potential leaks, clogging, and corrosion

Electrical Components

Including the main electrical board and amperage, sockets and wiring, switches, lights, to ensure compliance with UAE standards and limit the risks of short-circuit

Insulation of Windows & Doors

Including the condition of frames, panels, and operating mechanisms to identify air, noise, or temperature leaks / insulation problems

Building & Amenities

Including the common space (parking, gym, corridors, and access areas), humidity levels, temperature, phone reception, and more

Moisture Content

Including a thermal imaging assessment of surfaces and an in-depth analysis of moisture content, using the latest equipment on the market

Paint Finishing & Tiles

Including walls, floor, ceiling, to identify potential structural and non-structural cracks, unsatisfactory paint quality, and unnoticeable stains

Instant Technical Opinion

Once the inspection is done, and following a thorough review, you will receive a digital report to help you instantly take an informed decision


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